Ash cabin was built in the summer of 2012 and named after the beautiful ash tree. Lorem sit quis in dignissim rhoncus sed. Nisi lorem ut ac adipiscing nunc integer cum pulvinar, turpis a ultrices nascetur ac phasellus ac natoque. Egestas cursus ut amet nunc etiam nunc aliquet cursus tincidunt. Montes scelerisque.

Price: $200

All prices displayed are per night for the entire cabin.

Sleeps: 2

Ash Cabin has 1 room with a king size bed. 

Electricity: Yes

Ash Cabin uses the latest in Solar Technology. 

Kitchen: Yes

Ash Cabin features a fully functional kitchen including: 

  • fridge with freezer
  • a wood fired stove
  • kettle
  • toaster


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